Accelerate your real estate sales.

Investing in tech is a no-brainer for the property sector, so why isn’t it happening faster?

PropTechs’ promise to revolutionize the built world however, the speed of technology uptake across the real estate industry has been relatively slow. So what is causing this?
In the last 18 months, we have seen 100+ Realty Projects adopting future technology to accelerate growth. We examined what it takes for a Realty Sales team to be successful, what lessons the industry can learn from other industries, and some of the unique challenges Real Estate companies looking to deploy technology across their portfolios.

In this context, Cognilements invites you to a webinar on Wednesday, December 22, at 3 pm, where our expert Samudragupta Talukdar (Founder of Cognilements) shows the power of Virtual Reality, Behavioral Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Guided Tours, and a strong Booking engine adds to PropTech solutions and their impact on today’s real estate market when it comes to:
Increasing Phygital (Physical + Digital)
Enhancing the power of your channel business
Reducing the sales cycle by 1/3rd.
Filtering proper property buying leads

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